Konecranes  will be showcasing their high performance modular crane system at the National Manufacturing Week being held this year in Melbourne from May 24 to May 27.  

The SMARTON cranes are a range of modular crane systems designed to maximise safety while minimising energy consumption and downtime.  

The SMARTON modular cranes are designed to offer optimum flexibility and reliability in challenging and changing environments.  

SMARTON’s compact design helps save building and building services costs by fitting into smaller structures.  

The compact structure of SMARTON also allows the user to put the load down much closer to the wall.

SMARTON cranes are available in capacities initially up to 160 tonnes, progressively extending to 500 tonnes.  

The crane system finds application in steel and paper plants, automotive and general manufacturing, energy plants, waste-to-energy, automatic storage systems, workshops as well as mining and resources facilities.  

According to Konecranes Sales and Marketing Manager, Mr Warren Ashton, SMARTON technology represents the extensive experience and expertise of the Konecranes group, which is a major global supplier of industrial cranes and a world-leading crane service organisation.  

The modular design of the SMARTON crane system allows customers to select the exact features they need in their cranes to suit their current as well as future requirements.  

Mr Ashton adds that SMARTON technology is designed to lift cash flow by gauging costs per tonne over the equipment’s years of service including the initial investment, operator costs, energy and spare parts consumption in addition to maintenance and downtime costs.  

Key features of the SMARTON crane system:  

Space-efficient design 

  • Smaller profile allows the crane to be housed in compact, energy-efficient and material-efficient buildings
  • Adjustable working limits technology means heavy loads can be limited to specific areas of the crane, allowing for lighter construction in non-load areas
  • Technology’s nimble flexibility eliminates need for auxiliary hoists 

Energy-efficient design 

  • Built with 98% recyclable components
  • Regenerative network braking systems feed energy back into the power grid
  • Excellent power factors
  • Compensation for voltage variation and power grid disturbances
  • Suppression of harmonic distortions
  • Standardised motor voltages
  • Eliminates the need for EMC filters
  • Smaller spare parts inventory

New global standards for safety and efficiency 

  • Anti-sway technology automatically prevents the load from swaying
  • Shock load prevention function eliminates sudden jolts when starting lifting and during lifting with loose slings
  • Adjustable working limits allow easy setting of load limits
  • Smooth stop in the hoisting position and in the usual work cycle protects the crane or its fragile loads from collision damage
  • Pre-set protected areas can be programmed to deny crane access to potentially hazardous areas
  • Keyless start using an operator’s pin code prevents unauthorised use  

User-friendly operation 

  • SMARTON‘s HIM (Human Interface to Machine) shows load location, load tonnage, approaching area limits and target position
  • HIM alerts the operator when the crane is approaching its working limits and gives timely warnings of upcoming maintenance requirements
  • Stepless speed control with optimal speed for each job
  • Speed gradations range from micro speeds and inching mode through to an extended speed range
  • Intelligent acceleration ramps are applied close to walls and protected area limits

Optimised maintenance 

  • Maintenance counters on the diagnostics interface inform operators when and what checkups for preventive service work are required
  • Maintenance interface is also a troubleshooting tool for quick problem solving to minimise downtime
  • Konecranes’ global service network ensures that spare parts are always in stock
  • SMARTON troubleshooting expert available online 24/7

Konecranes’ SMARTON crane system can be seen on Stand 3008 (Materials Handling) at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre during the NMW event.