Konecranes has expanded its range of crane services to customers involved in electrical generation and distribution, particularly those dependent on maximum uptime and reliability from their heavy lifting equipment.

An example is the Northern Utility Resources Generation, who has selected Konecranes as its crane service partner at its Kedah generation plant that provides 220 Mw of electricity to the Kulim Hi Tech Park (where more than 50 companies have set up their headquarters for Malaysia and the broader Asian market).

This co-generation plant consists of 4 gas generators and 2 steam generators driven by heat from the gas generator processes. It is maintained by a total of 7 production and service cranes from Konecranes.

The cranes are crucial to the energy production process; used for a range of applications from lifting turbines and rotors for periodic maintenance to everyday service of diverse workpieces.

“This is a very versatile site, set up to ensure security of electricity supply to customers who require world’s best standards of reliability,” says Mr Johnny Lillis, mechanical supervisor of Energy Management Services, the operational, management and maintenance contractor for NUR Generation Sdn Bhd.

“We have to be available all the time. If we did have an outage, we would have to repurchase power from the grid, which costs us more. So we are strongly focussed on business partners such as Konecranes to provide optimum reliability and safety,” Mr. Lillis adds.

Energy Management Services chose Konecranes to service NUR’s 2X20 ton, 2X10 ton, 2X1 ton gantry cranes and its 3-ton workshop crane. Operating through a well established South Asia network, the Konecranes offices in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru offer local knowledge and expertise.

Mr Lillis comments on choosing the OEM of the cranes as servicers; “First, they know their machines better than any ABC cranes company - and this has benefits in terms of reliability and efficiency.”

“Second is availability of parts. Konecranes have the best range, better than any ABC company. And, in addition to availability of spares, a third reason for dealing with the OEM is that they will be the fastest to react when we need them to.”

Collaborating with some of the world’s leading electricity generators means that Konecranes can’t offer anything less than 24 hour reliability and crane services.

“With the price of energy escalating throughout Asia, the benefits of being online continuously are priceless, while the penalties for downtime can be huge. There is just no substitute for having experienced local staff available 24 hours, backed by a regional and global leader in the field,” adds Konecranes.

Konecranes Singapore won Konecranes Group Best Service Award for 2010. Konecranes branches in Australasia have also won local, State and national awards for service excellence.