World-leading crane specialist Konecranes has supplied a new 5t CXT overhead crane to the Unanderra based CNC machining specialist, Park Engineering, helping the SME company enhance productivity and efficiency in their workshop.

Konecranes has been supporting the needs of hundreds of SMEs Australia-wide, drawing on their experience as the world’s leading crane service organisation to provide smart solutions for small businesses.

Park Engineering Director, Mr Jarrod van Elsland explains that the new crane has increased their productivity and efficiency in workpiece handling and workshop movement. Additionally, inward and outbound material handling activities are also proving to be more economical than past operations.

Konecranes’ CXT wire rope hoist cranes set industry benchmarks for safety and ergonomics, with easy and effective load handling and optimum dimensions for space saving solutions.

Mr van Elsland appreciates the seamless supply and installation facilitated by Konecranes, which he believes, is vital to a small business that cannot afford downtime.

Park Engineering and Konecranes share a mutually beneficial relationship with Konecranes using their expertise in machining. According to Konecranes Project Manager Mr Wayne Alexander, Park Engineering’s reliability and professionalism have enabled Konecranes to provide a high quality service to their customers and meet demanding deadlines, especially during breakdown situations.

Mr Alexander said it was highly rewarding to be able to provide the same level of high quality service to an SME like Park Engineering that has worked with Konecranes so professionally over the past five years. He added that Park Engineering’s company ethos of quality, safety, delivery and customer service matched Konecranes perfectly.

CXT hoists

Used widely throughout Australasia and globally in maintenance tasks, production lines, engineering and processing plants, and industrial warehouses and factories as lifting devices, CXT wire rope hoists are known for their strength, compact size, speed, reliability and safety, making them indispensable in production facilities with time and space constraints.

Konecranes CXT wire rope hoists are designed to be industry benchmarks for safety and ergonomics, utilising the latest technology for improved load accuracy, versatility and ease of use.

Image: Park Engineering is benefitting from the safety and efficiency of a brand new Konecranes CXT crane