Konecranes assisted with the relocation of a CXT crane from leading steel manufacturer Peer Industries’ Port Botany site in NSW to its Beenleigh site in Queensland, about 890km away.

Intending to move their entire production line from Port Botany to Beenleigh, Peer Industries approached Konecranes for expert advice on relocating one of their CXT cranes. Peer Industries Manufacturing Manager, Mr Steve Bean commented that the Konecranes staff had a deep understanding of their requirements and were prompt and professional from start to finish.

That Konecranes had offices in both states greatly helped with the transition, according to Mr Bean. He was also appreciative of their high level of customer service. Konecranes has a network of 31 sales and service locations across Australia and New Zealand, which helps when customers operate in multiple states or countries.

Peer Industries uses the 3.2t Konecranes jib crane with electric slew and complementary CXT wire rope hoist to load steel coils onto an uncoiler or decoiler for roll forming on the production line.

Mr Peter De La Mare, NSW Business Manager for Konecranes was responsible for overseeing the Peer Industries relocation project. He explained the job as challenging, primarily because the building in Beenleigh couldn’t accommodate the jib crane’s height. Konecranes modified the crane to reduce the height by 2254mm so that it was able to operate at full capacity at the Beenleigh site. After the modifications, Peer Industries transported the crane by road to Beenleigh.

Peer Industries was delighted with the performance of the relocated CXT crane, which has excellent hook approaches at both ends of the crane as well as minimal headroom requirement. CXT cranes are designed to eliminate unused or under-utilised space because the unit can operate closer to the walls and lift the load higher.

Mr Bean comments that using the CXT crane to load steel coils frees up a lot of space on the ground, adding that it’s much more efficient than using a forklift, because operators can load up the coils in their downtime.

CXT units come with inverter controls as standard, delivering smooth starts, acceleration and deceleration, minimising load swing and enabling fast and accurate load positioning. CXT cranes are part of Konecranes’ comprehensive range of lifting technologies, which includes the new generation SMARTON ‘crane with a brain’.