Konecranes  were recently commissioned to carry out crane upgrades for heavy steel company Bradken Industrial including state-of-the-art electronic and remote control systems, which are boosting workplace safety and efficiency the Queensland premises.

The crane upgrades and overhauls, undertaken by local staff of the global Konecranes group, include remote control systems progressively being fitted to eight overhead cranes at Bradken Ipswich, where rail wagons are manufactured.

“We manoeuvre large objects, such as completed rail wagons or parts for wagons being assembled. The lifts can involve weights of around 15 tonnes and it’s safer if the operator can stand at a distance from the load, controlling the crane by radio remote control, safety is the main focus of the refit,” says Site Engineer at Bradken Ipswich, John Langridge.

“We’re very happy with the cranes we’ve already fitted with remote controls, which is why we are converting more of them,” he adds.

Bradken Ipswich will purchase a further two 15 tonne Konecranes overhead cranes already fitted with remote controls.

Konecranes also recently completed a modernisation of a 25 tonne hoist, focusing mainly on upgrading the electronics. In addition to refurbishing the hoist, a long travel control panel was fitted for guiding the crane’s travel movements.

At another Queensland Bradken site Konecranes services and supplies both overhead cranes and smaller hoist cranes.

The local and global expertise of the Konecranes group is employed in essential projects, such as re-certifying some of the older cranes. Normally this is required about every ten years for maintenance work, or 25 years for structural testing of the cranes and is a safety measure to comply with Australian Standards.

“We would definitely recommend Konecranes to other companies like ours. In fact, we’ve already advocated them to other Bradken sites around Australia,” says Langridge. 

Konecranes’ remote control systems are state-of-the-art products of the Konecranes group. Konecranes industrial cranes and hoists are used by many industries including:

  • automotive production
  • energy and resources
  • manufacturing
  • metal and mineral processing
  • primary product
  • paper processing;
  • and ports and infrastructure projects.
Konecranes’ remote control systems available throughout Australasia - including REMOX Radio Control Systems - have been designed for a variety of demanding industrial crane applications to increase productivity and reduce the risk of accidents.

Completely sealed and electrically shielded, REMOX Radio Control Systems are resistant to the most demanding industrial environments and are suitable for outdoor use. In addition to standard models, the REMOX product range offers the possibility to build entirely customised radio control systems.

“As a world leader in crane design, manufacturing and servicing, Konecranes has over the years established a track record that includes a number of industry firsts and outstanding safety features, such as our remote control systems,” said Konecranes National Sales and Marketing Manager, Warren Ashton.

Konecranes have recently launched an audit service in Australasia, drawing on its global CRS programme to help industries determine whether their overhead lifting equipment achieves optimum reliability, performance and mandatory safety standards.