The Kone EcoDisc hoisting machine was launched in 1996. After undergoing ten years of development, the current Kone EcoDisc hoisting machine offers optimum reliability, and ride comfort.  

The EcoDisc hoisting machine is the core technology of all Kone elevators, including the MonoSpace, and features a permanent magnet synchronous motor, frequency control, and low-friction gearless construction.  

The advanced axial flux permanent magnet motor employed by the EcoDisc hoisting machine weighs only half that of a conventional power unit, saving construction costs by reducing the elevator space requirements. Its compact construction enables the Kone machine-room-less layout, and the gearless construction decreases the number of wearing parts, improving reliability and safety.  

The Kone EcoDisc hoisting machine is both eco-efficient and ecological. Thanks to its high electrical efficiency and low friction losses, it uses 50 percent less power than a comparable conventional system, which equates to thousands of kilowatt-hours per year.  

Cooling and ventilation costs are also achieved because the Kone EcoDisc hoisting machine creates less thermal loss than traditional machines.  

The Kone EcoDisc hoisting machine has a low rotational motor speed, which helps to make riding the Kone MonoSpace smooth and comfortable.