Customers who are considering installing an elevator in their home are often worried about the upfront cost associated with purchasing a home elevator; and the ongoing operational costs, particularly related to electricity bills.

A smart way to reduce ongoing operational costs is to consider selecting an eco-efficient home elevator, which is designed to use less energy than traditional elevators, resulting in significant ongoing savings to household electricity bills.

Purchasing an eco-efficient elevator doesn’t mean quality has to be sacrificed. KONE Elevators offers their eco-efficient home elevators with many of the same features available in their commercial range. Homeowners can therefore expect to receive an energy efficient, high-performing, premium elevator that will be easy to install at virtually the same price as a traditional home elevator.

Why it’s important to consider the technology in home lifts

Technology is an important consideration when selecting a home elevator as it has an enormous impact on performance, efficiency and safety. 

The KONE home elevator is based on the drive system that revolutionised the lift industry and took energy efficiency to a new level. The KONE EcoDisc hoisting machine was recently optimised for low energy consumption, delivering superior energy efficiency. Key improvements also include a new innovative copper winding system, which reduces the amount of energy lost as heat by up to 30%; a new braking system that reduces power consumption during steady run by 75%; and a more compact and lightweight finish contributing to material and space efficiency.

Elevators equipped with the energy-efficient KONE EcoDisc hoisting machine are actually 50-70% more efficient than elevators that use conventional traction two-speed or hydraulic technology.

KONE’s regenerative drives, standard with most KONE elevators, employ the Modulated Line Bridge technology, converting excess energy into electricity that is delivered back into the home’s power network for use elsewhere, resulting in additional savings.

KONE EcoDisc, an axial synchronous hoisting motor is a standard specification in all of KONE’s elevators. In real terms, this means that while traditional hoisting machines are noisy, heavy, bulky assemblies requiring a separate machine room, the KONE EcoDisc is exceptionally flat and compact, and boasts a gearless motor with smooth, noiseless operation. It can also be placed in the narrow space between the guide rail and the shaft wall, eliminating the need to plan for additional space when installing the home elevator, saving time and money.

How much energy and cost savings can be expected?

An eco-efficient home elevator uses less energy than a standard home elevator. KONE’s regenerative solutions can provide 20-35% energy savings by recovering the energy created when the elevator is used. KONE has also introduced a new technology that saves the energy consumed when an elevator is in standby mode, which is extremely beneficial for home elevators that aren’t used as often as those in commercial buildings.

Additionally, LED and eco-efficient fluorescent lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% compared to halogen lights. KONE’s home elevators are equipped with sensors that switch off lights when the elevator is not in use. 

Buying a home elevator with an eco-efficient stamp therefore, provides the assurance of significant energy and cost savings that will really pay off over time.