Kone recently organised “People Flow Day” in which almost 800 employees visited 125 sites around the world to discover how and why people move in different types of buildings during a typical weekday.

Kone employees were tasked to make on-site observations, interview customers, talk to the public and fill out questionnaires. This enabled them to obtain first-hand insights and discoveries that will help Kone serve its customers even better in the future.

For example, at the Riverside Centre in Brisbane, 24 Kone elevators are used within a busy waterfront high rise development that houses 37 office levels and a retail plaza with an approximate 100 company occupancy.

It was observed that the spacious lobby provides excellent access to elevator banks and that the property as a whole is excellently maintained. All original elevators still function efficiently and onsite personnel communicate fluently with Kone and other subcontractors, whom they regard as close team members.

The results of the People Flow Day in Brisbane determined that the building would benefit from a destination control system and that users generally want accurate, up-to-date multilingual signage and access solutions integrated into the building design.

The People Flow Day was rolled out in numerous countries, each resulting in different user needs and requests:

  • Central Railway Station, Helsinki, Finland – users want clear signage, quick exits, cleanliness, and good lighting
  • Mount Alvernia Hospital, Singapore – users want clear signs and instructions, and easy access
  • Hollandview Trail Retirement Community, Aurora, Canada – users want safety, security, comfort, accessibility, and up-to-date signs
  • Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers, Chennai, India - users want a superior user experience and multilingual signage is valued by the international clientele