Available from Kone Elevators, KONE JumpLift construction lifts help speed up construction work and utilise a building’s hoist way as soon as the first floors of a building have been completed.

These construction site lifts are self climbing and have a temporary machine room that moves upwards (jumps) in the hoist way, and once construction work on the building structure is completed, changing to a permanent elevator is quick and easy.

When compared with a typical exterior hoist, the KONE JumpLift construction lift is capable of increasing traffic capacity three-fold as it is able to travel faster and also has automatic doors.

KONE JumpLift construction lifts operate under standard EN81-1 elevator code and feature automatic doors, and standard operating panels and buttons. Travelling with the KONE JumpLift is as safe as using a standard elevator.

The KONE JumpLift 1000 has a maximum weight capacity of 1600kg and a maximum speed of 2.5m/s.The KONE JumpLift 2000 has a maximum weight capacity of 4000kg and a maximum speed of 4.0m/s.

Additional information on these building construction lifts is available from Kone Elevators.