Kone Elevators is set to release a new set of tools for escalators and autowalks to help customers achieve more efficient People Flow.

Sascha Klenke, vice president of escalator sales and product marketing for Kone explains the architect tool box being launched; “This system builds on the success of a similar tool that has been in use for elevator planning.”

“The customer can enter basic specification data into the tool on Kone.com, and it will generate drawings, as well as specification documents which the customer can download and utilize in tender invitations.”

When first released, the architect toolbox will be available for Kone’s volume escalator products. This includes the Kone TravelMaster 110 for commercial applications such as shopping centres, department stores and supermarkets, and the Kone TransitMaster 120 for infra-structure applications, including airports, railway stations and subway systems.

“Locations such as airports, railway stations and subway stations have high People Flow, and usually require escalators with heavier components and a longer lifetime. Escalators and autowalks in such locations are often in constant use, day and night – they have to be durable,” says Klenke.

Further extensions are already planned to also include Kone solutions for inclined and horizontal autowalks.

Another significant recent development has been the creation of the Kone EcoPack, a new way of promoting Kone’s comprehensive range of eco friendly escalators and autowalks.

“As an additional service, we will provide an environmental product declaration sheet that details the full life cycle of the product, including the carbon footprint of manufacturing it,” Klenke adds.

The EcoPack and eco friendly escalators will consist of the following features to reduce energy consumption:

  • Stop & go operation mode
  • Stand-by speed operation mode
  • Regenerative technology
  • Reduced speed of 0.4 m/s
  • LED lighting solutions
  • Lubrication-free chains

Kone provides a complete range of solutions for managing People Flow for its customers.“We bring it all together, and offer a full portfolio of escalators, elevators, autowalks, and automatic building doors with state-of-the-art customer support and services."