Kone Elevators is a huge supplier of lifts for disabled access in public buildings.

Kone Elevators understands the needs of building owners, managers and the end users when it comes to moving the frail or disabled in comfort and with dignity.

Disabled access lifts are an essential component of all multi level modern buildings.

Kone Elevators has a wide range of disabled access lifts to suit most applications from homes to hospitals.

An essential component in caring for the disabled or less able bodied is reliable lift technology that you can trust.

In the ten years since it was introduced, the space-saving Kone Monospace has proven itself to be a highly reliable, trouble-free solution in countless thousands of units in operation around the world, and it continues to be the world leader.

When selecting a lift for disabled access there are many issues to consider: Braille buttons, hands free direct dial phones, car size, handrails, door type and width, capacity, speed and number of lifts required, just to name a few.