Kone Elevators manufactures a range of powerful, fully automatic sliding doors that ca be supplied in single, double, telescopic and curved configurations.

Door operation can be controlled and modified via a user-friendly program, ensuring the doors can be adjusted to accommodate the demands of many different environments.

The operators used in these automatic sliding doors are equipped with an intelligent control system. This system uses an advanced microprocessor control system that features self-learning fuzzy logic technology, and continuous self-checking and correcting diagnostics functions.

In addition, the self-monitoring computer features programmable:

  • opening and closing speeds
  • opening times
  • opening width
  • timing functions; and
  • a manual learning function.
Easy to program, the operator can be adjusted to suit the particular people flow requirements of a given environment.

The doors are also supplied with a range of standard safety features, including a reverse opening routine if an obstruction is detected that inhibits the door opening or closing cycle.

Kone automatic sliding doors that are connected to a fire alarm system will drive themselves open and remain open in the event of a fire alarm.