Kohler Australia has released its new generation of freestanding bathtubs in Lithocast, a brand new, patented material that looks like a finely honed white stone but is warm to the touch, comfortable on the skin and actually manufactured using a high quality solid-surface acrylic.  

While aesthetics are the most valued benefit of this new material, its ability to be easily shaped and moulded into organic and bold geometric shapes is an innovative development for the modern bathroom.  

The Lithocast collection consists of three different designs – the one-person Abrazo and the two-person Askew and Aliento models. The Abrazo is inspired by the soft curvaceous shape of the lower half of a nautilus shell and measures a comfortable but compact 1650cm long and 790cm wide.  

The Askew freestanding bathtubs are completely different, featuring a geometric and bold design. As the longest model in the range, the Askew features sculpted lumbar support at both ends, measures 1800mm long and 862.5mm wide and is a comfortable fit for two persons.  

Aliento, the final bath design, is a whimsical, free-flowing shape that has a rectangular shape but with concave sides and sculpted lumbar supports at both ends. Measuring 1650mm long and 900mm wide, the shapely interior makes it suitable for two people.  

All of the three freestanding bathtubs feature an integrated slotted overflow and a self-covered toe-tap drain to create an uninterrupted look and clean aesthetic.