Kohler , specialists in kitchen and bath design, have launched WaterTile Rain ceiling panel, WaterTile body-spray and Watertile showerhead.

Eliminating the protrusions of typical bodysprays, the Kohler Watertile body-spray brings a new aesthetic to the custom showering arena. Ridding the showering space of visual clutter, the Watertile creates a clean look that reduces the showering experience to its essence.

Watertile rain ceiling panel: According to Anthony Pisani, General Manager, Kohler Co, Australia, the Watertile Rain ceiling panel brings a high level of hydrotherapy to the shower by delivering an overhead ‘downpour’ experience. The Watertile Rain ceiling panel utilises an integrated system of four 54-nozzle Watertile sprays that sit close together to provide a thorough soaking. As one unit, this panel is then installed in the ceiling of the showering space.

To aid in an easy and proper installation, the Watertile Rain ceiling panel comes with a soldering template that helps individuals to accurately space the Watertile when plumbing the unit. The ceiling panel features a low-profile design that blends seamlessly with any material and design aesthetic.

WaterTile body-spray: WaterTile's innovative design, which is nearly flush to the wall, makes it possible to install the bodysprays in a number different ways in the showering space: on the wall, ceiling or at an angle at the intersection of wall and ceiling. The architectural integrity and understated design offer a new showering concept, providing a sleek, streamlined design that matches with modern environments, but also adapts nicely to a transitional or traditional decor. Despite its streamlined design, the direction of the Watertile sprays is adjustable to create a targeted water experience in terms of warmth and water coverage.

Watertile showerhead: The Watertile offering also includes a wall-mounted showerhead using the same technology and design. Both models, the Watertile bodyspray and the showerhead, are available in two different spray intensities: a 54-nozzle spray that offers soothing water coverage and a 22-nozzle spray with a stimulating spay pattern.

Shortly after it was introduced, the Kohler Watertile showerhead and bodysprays received a prestigious iF Product Design award. One of the world's top design competitions, the Germany-based iF awards selected Watertile to receive a 2006 iF Product Design Award.