Hotels and hospitality spaces around the world are growing in popularity; with them the understanding that great hospitality is built upon creating experiences people want to repeat, and the recognition of the role of bathrooms in doing so.

A new whitepaper published by kitchen and bathroom fixture experts Kohler has recently been released, narrowing in on the importance of the shower in hospitality and high-end residential spaces. Far from an ubiquitous task undertaken at the beginning or end of every day, the shower experience is a highly personal ritual. In hospitality environments, featuring a high turnover of people with varying expectations, that experience is one that should be curated to be adaptable enough to meet those expectations.

Make it rain: Adding luxury to hospitality spaces with high quality shower products, the whitepaper identifies five critical areas that, when combined, define a world-class shower experience: versatility and comfort, improved health benefits, improved accessibility, aesthetics, and sustainability.

The whitepaper explores the depth of options available to improve user-control and accessibility in contemporary shower fixtures, before examining the qualities to look out for when specifying fixtures and fittings. Furthermore, the whitepaper also looks at some of the contemporary shower technology improving our sustainability record by cutting down on water usage, without negatively impacting water pressure.  

To find out more about what forms a world-class shower experience, click the link below to download Make it rain: Adding luxury to hospitality spaces with high quality shower products.