Six Kobelco excavators are part of a Sydney-based waste processor’s plan to prevent any waste going into landfill.

Danny Gallagher started his waste processing career with a long-term goal to eventually keep every single piece of waste he received out of landfill. Managing the Waste Op facility in the Sydney suburb of Chester Hill, Danny has been the catalyst for change in processing waste materials in an innovative manner.

Seeking to do something different with an aim to make a positive difference to the environment, Danny has been working towards a unique way of processing waste. His goal is to ensure in the next 10 years, not one ounce of the waste that comes into Waste Op will go into landfill.

Danny uses six Kobelco excavators to help with sorting the material that comes into the facility and preparing it for recycling. Apart from the economy and quiet operation, the Kobelcos are also ergonomically sound and comfortable for members of his team to operate all day.

Danny explains that Waste Op has a full service agreement with Sydney Truck & Machinery for the Kobelco excavators. Impressed with the post-sales service, he has signed a long-term deal with them.

Danny is working hard to continue building his business and keep his Kobelco excavators busy. His immediate goal for 2015 is to receive around 400 tonnes of material through the gate every day, and around 1,200 to 1,500 tonnes in the next two years.