Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia will introduce the latest excavator to their line-up this month.
The Kobelco SK500LC-9 is a new 50-tonne excavator that features increased power, enhanced fuel efficiency and a larger, safer cab than the previous SK480LC-8 model. The first two units of the new excavator model will arrive in Australia in June and will be available for sale through their dealer network, according to Kobelco Australia General Manager Doug McQuinn.
Several new features have been added to the SK500LC-9 excavator’s design to increase productivity, fuel efficiency, stability, safety and comfort. The new machines will feature Kobelco’s familiar H-mode and S-mode options for heavy-duty and standard work, along with a new ECO mode, which will deliver fuel savings of up to 13% and increase the work volume per litre of fuel by 8%.
The SK500LC-9 is a robust excavator with an operating weight of almost 50,000kg, significantly heavier than earlier models. The long, beefy X-frame of the excavator provides excellent stability and balance. A high capacity hydraulic system can be adjusted from inside the cab while two auxiliary hydraulic modes let the operator switch between one-way and two-way flow, without leaving the cab.
The Kobelco SK500LC-9 excavator is available with a full selection of buckets and couplers to maximise its versatility.
Doug is confident that the new SK500LC-9 will meet the needs of Australian heavy equipment operators with its fuel savings, huge power, intelligent hydraulics and enhanced operator safety and comfort.
Key features of Kobelco SK500LC-9 excavators:

  • Hino P11C-VC six-cylinder common rail engine delivers 10% more productivity and better fuel efficiency
  • Tier4A Hino engine uses an EGR cooler to help combustion and a DPR filter to reduce emissions
  • More engine torque and ‘intelligent’ hydraulics give faster cycle times to get more work done
  • 5.4% higher engine power output and maximum torque increase of 5%
  • New cab has rollover protection and is certified to 56,000kg to cater for large front attachments
  • Cab has falling object protection (FOPS)
  • Roomy cab dimensions increase operator comfort and offer plenty of storage space
  • Cab is designed for minimal vibration and pressurised to eliminate dust
  • Excellent rear visibility thanks to low engine cover and wide-angle rear view camera
  • Kobelco’s Intelligent Control System recognises the operator’s moves and assists by providing power when and where needed
  • Cushioned transitions between functions reduce jerks during high speed movements
  • 7-inch colour monitor with easy-to-read controls
  • Sophisticated attachment mode allows the operator to program 10 different flow and pressure settings for various attachments