Kobelco excavators are used in diverse applications in the earthmoving industry but their owners seek the same things from their machines: reliability, outstanding support and exceptional efficiency.

Three different customers recently explained why they use Kobelco excavators for their operation.

Ian’s Digga Hire - Queensland

Ian Walsh has been driving diggers in Queensland for more than 20 years. Ian’s Digga Hire, his business employs a Kobelco 135 on all types of earthmoving work, though he specialises in retaining walls and golf courses.

Ian says his Kobelco 135’s zero swing and 600kg counterbalance are ideal for his work; the machine also provides significant fuel savings. In addition to great safety and stability, the Kobelco 135 offers better accuracy and makes it easier to load trucks without tipping.

He also believes Kobelco fuel economy is out of this world compared to others. He receives great service from his dealer, Chesterfield Australia, and is impressed with Kobelco’s drive to improve its products.

Natural Stone Constructions (NSC) – Australia

Charlie Harris founded Melbourne-based Natural Stone Constructions (NSC) 27 years ago, with the company executing large scale projects including highway overpass rock beaching, large retaining walls, stone pillars, rock revetment, seawalls, breakwaters and bulk excavation. They transport and place over 100,000 tonnes of rock every year.

For the past six years Kobelco excavators have been a big part of the workforce.

NSC general manager Trevor Underwood says the company uses Kobelco because they are superior to other brands and are good value for money. He also vouches for the machine’s fuel efficiency while appreciating the comfortable cabins with roll over protection and good visibility. His excavators are serviced by Melbourne Tractors. 

Trylow Plant Hire – New South Wales

Thomas McGirr founded Trylow Plant Hire in 1989 and has been using Kobelco gear for the past 10 years. He has 10 Kobelco excavators ranging from 14 to 35 tonnes that he hires out to large roads companies to supplement their own fleets.

Thomas started using Kobelco because he wanted a digger with a knuckle boom. He was impressed with its performance and fuel efficiency, as well as the prompt service he received from machinery sales manager Andrew Matheson at Sydney Trucks. 

According to Thomas, in the event of any breakdown or damage, it is very important for them to get the machine back on the road as quickly as possible. Andrew endeavours to do everything he can to make that happen, sorting out any issue with warranties or parts as quickly as possible.

Kobelco excavators are available in Australia from Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia Pty Ltd .