An Adelaide-based car recycler has been able to improve saleable recovery after purchasing Kobelco SK135 multi car dismantlers as part of its long-term business growth strategy.

U Pull It Auto Recyclers (Upullit) has seen a 20 – 30 per cent improvement in recycling recovery, which Director Mark Kraulis attributes to the efficiency of the mechanical dismantling. According to Mark, it was not economical to recycle some components without the Kobelco machines.

Mark says that the machine’s comfort and capacity to handle growth beyond the current intake of 700 cars per month across three yards, was a key factor in the purchase.

Upullit bought the Kobelco dismantlers following extensive local and international research. Viewing the machines as a key element of the next stage of their business growth strategy, Mark explains that the Kobelco multi car dismantlers are purpose-designed for the application, and the patented clamp design has auto recycling as its primary target.

A clamp arm is attached to the frame for holding a car while a rotating nibbler attachment on the boom precisely removes the various components that are recycled separately. The nibbler allows surrounding metal to be removed to provide access to components, enabling the components to be selectively removed and the metal to be folded into compressed blocks that are consolidated in Sierra S5 Evo balers bought at the same time as the Kobelco machines.

The Upullit investment in the Kobelco SK135 dismantlers went well beyond the machines themselves. It provided Upullit with an opportunity to create a safer environment for its workers by largely removing manual handling, and gave workers the opportunity to upskill to operate the Kobelco dismantlers. Workers operate within a comfortable air conditioned working environment with low noise levels, light lever action and good sight lines to the nibbler and clamp.

Workers without previous operating experience have become proficient in understanding the mechanical recycling process and in operating the machine, all in less than three weeks.

The commissioning of the Kobelco dismantlers takes the already acclaimed Upullit operational and environmental performance to a new level of recycling and throughput capability.

Prior to the dismantlers processing the cars, the fuel, engine oil, brake, transmission oil, coolant, and battery fluid are drained for recycling. Air conditioner gas is also removed, and tyres are removed for recycling. By doing this in a purpose-built contained area, the risk of contamination from vehicles is greatly reduced.

The Kobelco dismantlers are a key element in Upullit’s efforts to continue to lead the auto recycling industry.

Kobelco multi car dismantlers are available in Australia from Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia Pty Ltd .