New research by Thinkinsulation, an initiative from Knauf Insulation reveals some of the top annoyances at home for Aussies in summer.

Australians are known to enjoy the summer with a healthy dose of sun, sea, surf and socialising. However, away from their outdoor lifestyles, Aussies often struggle to cope with the hot season inside their homes with more than half of the country (52%) indicating it’s unbearable.

According to the study conducted for Thinkinsulation by Pure Profile, 72% of Australians say they are left dripping with sweat even before they leave the house. Many of the respondents (56%) said it was too hot to sleep at night during summer even in the buff while almost a third (30%) have been left feeling frustrated by the elevated electricity bills from keeping their living spaces comfortably air-conditioned.

Women have it even worse, says the study, with two thirds (67%) of those surveyed lamenting how makeup just slips and smudges off their face while 55% are left with a frizzy mess when trying to style hair in the heat. The usual summer cocktail of bugs, flies and mosquitoes additionally annoyed 52% of those surveyed.

The bedroom is the most important room to keep cool in a home during summer, with over half of the population (55%) doing so to get valuable sleep.

Claire Cunliffe, Marketing Manager at Knauf Insulation Australia observes that Australians, for years, have mastered the art of treating those small annoyances of being outdoors in the summer as part and parcel of enjoying life in a hot climate. However, when it comes to the home, not many have learned how to bring more ‘coolth’ into their lives; that is, to keep cool temperatures in and the heat out.

According to Ms Cunliffe, many people don’t realise that insulating their home can improve the comfort of living in the hottest months by keeping the warm air out, while saving about $450 per year on energy bills (households with insulation in the ceilings, walls and floors can save up to $450 per year on their electricity bills - UTS, 2014).

Insulation installation can be completed as a DIY activity, provided safety steps are taken by the homeowner. Thinkinsulation offers helpful DIY tutorial videos along with useful tips and tricks to help Aussies introduce more ‘coolth’ into their lives this summer. It also provides advice on reducing household energy consumption as well as information on the best insulation options.