USG Boral presents new whitepapers and webinars that provide valuable guidance on fire and acoustic product specification to building industry stakeholders.

As building compliance and material performance come under increasing regulatory scrutiny, it’s imperative for those designing and building commercial and multi-residential projects to have quick and easy access to information and engineering advice from product and system manufacturers.

The recently launched Systems+ from USG Boral is a valuable tool for architects and builders; however, additional resources have been added to the USG Boral toolkit that address topical building code compliance issues, and suitable solutions for product specification.

USG Boral’s engineering team has prepared two new whitepapers to help architects understand issues related to sound insulation and fire ratings. Both whitepapers are supplemented with a free one-hour webinar worth one informal CPD point and a post-webinar learning outcome questionnaire for participants to complete and receive one formal CPD point.

Whitepaper: Building acoustics fundamentals - sound insulation

This whitepaper addresses acoustic theory, terminology and best practice to help designers specify compliant systems and provide suitable acoustic performance for projects. Consultants, contractors and relevant authorities need to understand acoustic requirements set out in the National Construction Code (NCC) so that they can ensure structures meet the minimum requirements. With materials and techniques continuing to evolve, it has become important for professionals to stay up to date with the latest information.  

Whitepaper: Specifying fire-rated building systems

This whitepaper discusses the fire triangle and progression of a fire, fire regulation, fire resistance level (FRL) and testing. Having access to the latest information is critical for architects and builders to design and build compliant structures that maintain public health and safety.

“With the launch of Systems+, the free webinar program and these new whitepapers, USG Boral is arming building industry professionals with valuable information to increase their knowledge around compliance and solutions, guide their design and product specification, and assist with engineering advice as required,” said Thanh Huynh, R&D, engineering services director, USG Boral.

“USG Boral wants to ensure architects design with confidence, and builders have the information they need to adhere to specifications. As a building materials manufacturer, USG Boral makes information available to the market that is easy to follow. We are happy to support and align with contractors and installers to educate and train them, and help them comply with the construction of a USG Boral system.”

To view the new USG Boral whitepapers and register for webinars, please visit the USG Boral website