USG Boral supplied Fiberock interior panels for use on all the wall linings and wall partitions throughout the multiple-award winning South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).

USG Boral’s Fiberock is a patented multi-functional sustainable material that replaces a variety of lining and board products in building projects, reducing the associated complexity in project execution. In this particular instance, the contractor Ceiling and Wall Contractors used just the one product, USG Boral Fiberock throughout the Woods Bagot-designed $200 million, 30,000 square metre facility covering labs, research areas and offices.

Functionally, USG Boral Fiberock covers a lot of bases with its resistance to water, fire, mould and impact; the material also boasts superior acoustic qualities.

USG Boral supplied a total of 30,000m² of Fiberock to the SAHMRI project with USG Boral staff working closely with Ceiling and Wall Contractors as well as Managing Contractor Hindmarsh to ensure supplies were on the ground in a timely manner. Using a single multi-purpose board also substantially streamlined the fitout process.

USG Boral National Architectural & Specifications Manager, Peter Wood explains that Fiberock is like paperless plasterboard, except plasterboard relies on the paper for its strength while Fiberock is created by a patented process of growing gypsum under high pressure, which interlinks the crystals with paper, so there is no paper needed on the outside. The solid matrix also eliminates the possibility of delamination.

Fiberock has been approved by GECA as a sustainable product after extensive testing. Key benefits also include good recyclability with excellent re-use of the board; and 10% recycled cellulose content (from post-industrial paper and cardboard), and 85% re-encapsulated gypsum content.

Fiberock has been used in several major health infrastructure projects due to its high performance specifications, including Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Gold Coast University Hospital, the Mater Queensland and Midland Hospital Perth.