USG Boral offers a wide range of design tools for the design and construction industries. These design tools allow users to obtain accurate, up-to-date information about the company’s massive range of wall and ceiling systems, simplifying and speeding up the entire design, specification and estimation processes.

USG Boral’s design tools are continuously refined to save customers time and effort in their day-to-day work as well as reduce risk.

USG Boral’s senior engineering support officer Greg Suther describes some recent updates to these essential tools – and the convenience of now finding them all on a single portal.


One of USG Boral’s most widely used design tools, Systems+ is the ultimate guide for cross referencing and selecting from their range of wall and ceiling systems. Specifically recommended for architects, designers, builders, certifiers and plastering contractors dealing with fire-rated and acoustic construction, Systems+ is continuously updated to meet code compliance requirements.

Recent upgrades to Systems+ include:

  • Updated acoustic ratings for FIBEROCK Steel Stud Walls and FIBEROCK Timber Stud Walls
  • Updated acoustic ratings for ceilings including impact ratings in line with the current National Construction Code (NCC)
  • New Ceiling Tiles data plus the addition of Echostop and Ensemble information in the Ceilings section

Online tools for architects and designers


Launched as a Revit-compatible plug-in for architects and designers in 2016, BIMWIZARD® has since then been refined in functionality to help designers save even more time and effort when specifying wall and ceiling systems. Suther explained in his recent blog that BIMWIZARD was originally compatible with AutoDesk Revit, but in late 2018, it also became compatible with Graphisoft ArchiCAD – the other major Business Information Management (BIM) platform used in Australia.


An interactive tool for selecting fire-rated and acoustic plasterboard wall and ceiling systems, eSelector now features an upgraded user interface to match that of BIMWIZARD – this allows designers using both tools to easily switch between the two.

Within eSelector, the Archispec tool lets you produce detailed architectural specifications. It has been expanded to now include all systems within eSelector.

The latest version of eSelector also includes updated acoustic numbers for USG Boral’s ceiling products to reflect current NCC standards, and data for FIBEROCK systems has been updated.

Pricing Partiwall made easy

An online tool used by many residential builders and plasterers, Partiwall Estimator is intuitive and simplifies the calculation of material quantities for Partiwall systems used in attached dwelling construction. Users get an accurate list of materials needed, allowing them to obtain a quick quotation for supply.

The upgraded version of Partiwall Estimator includes changes in wall direction such as dog-leg bends, which allow for more precise calculations of material quantities, without having to make allowances for deviations from straight walls.

Single portal access

Accessing USG Boral’s range of online design tools and resources is easy since they are all available on a single portal. Simply sign in to access the complete range of specification and design tools as well as documentation delivery systems. Any online tools and resources developed in the future will also be accessible via this single sign-on (SSO).