For a long time, fibre cement boards were considered superior to plasterboard in wet area fitouts. Not anymore, with USG Boral’s wet area plasterboard products.

Plasterboard products such as Wetstop, FIRE WETSTOP and MultiStop by USG Boral are excellent lining options for wet area applications, saving time, money and effort in residential and commercial projects of any scale.

USG Boral’s plasterboard products such as Wetstop, FIRE WETSTOP and MultiStop deliver several advantages to building projects. Plasterboard, for instance, can be scored and snapped without the need for power tools, minimising exposure to dust on site, and allowing quick and easy installation using a collated screw gun. Plasterboard also reduces site wastage, as offcuts can be used for other internal wall and ceiling applications due to the common thicknesses available (10mm and 13mm). Their water resistant core offers an ideal interior lining solution for bathrooms, showers, laundries and toilets.

Key benefits of Wetstop, FIRE WETSTOP and MultiStop plasterboard products include tile weight capacity equivalent to most fibre cement boards; and high performance attributes in wet areas due to the core formulation, consisting of ingredients that exceed water resistant grade gypsum plasterboard standards AS/NZS 2588:1998, and the Deemed-to-Satisfy standards of the BCA and AS 3740:2010.

Chris Lubbers, USG Boral Category Manager, Internal Linings observes that there has been a misconception within the industry that plasterboard’s water resistance only applies to the exterior paper layer, and not throughout the product’s core, inhibiting its use in wet area installations. However, this is starting to change in Victoria and to some extent Queensland and New South Wales, he noted. 

“Advances in waterproof membrane application, or tanking, now deliver greater protection to lining materials. When combined with products such as USG Boral wet area plasterboard, builders and plasterers can be confident that each job will be completed to a high level of satisfaction and compliance.”

According to Lubbers, wet area plasterboard can improve installation time by up to 50 per cent for a standard residential bathroom, when compared to fibre cement board projects. Installing USG Boral wet area plasterboard in an average sized bathroom generally takes up to 90 minutes.

USG Boral wet area plasterboards such as Wetstop, FIRE WETSTOP and MultiStop deliver a smarter, lightweight and more affordable lining solution for small and large projects, he added.