USG Boral has expanded their metal ceilings system portfolio to meet the growing demand for innovative design. A global leader in building products technology, USG Boral provides a comprehensive range of ceiling solutions to achieve a high quality, modern ceiling finish.

The new metal ceilings system allows for customisation with low maintenance and easy installation advantages, offering a highly versatile solution to meet specific project requirements. Customers now have the option to select a high quality, powder-coated metal ceiling panel that complies with international standards for performance and safety.

Architects and building designers are experimenting with new ceiling styles, no longer restricted to traditional flat ceilings. USG Boral’s new metal ceilings system allows for a variety of unique design effects including curves, perforated patterns and different edge profiles. The choice of more than 44 colours and 26 wood look finishes, with the option to create custom colours to support bespoke project needs, further expands the design versatility of the metal ceilings system.

USG Boral’s metal ceilings can be easily cleaned without using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. Maintenance is also simplified with removable ceiling panels providing easy access to the plenum above.

USG Boral’s metal ceilings system offers a full range of targeted ceiling solutions for various building needs, including optional perforated panels installed with acoustic backing for acoustical performance and durability in high traffic areas such as transport hubs; a high light reflectance value providing higher cost efficiency in office spaces; and unique ceiling colours and designs to extend creative possibilities.

USG Boral CEO Frederic de Rougemont says the metal ceilings system portfolio offers high-quality products that successfully marry functionality with design to meet the industry’s increasing demands for more engaging options.

He added, “Apart from empowering customers to materialise their design blueprints, our products adhere to the most stringent industry standards and are equipped with the necessary technical attributes for both performance and safety.” 

The USG Boral metal ceilings system is suitable for a variety of applications in airports, rail stations, retail precincts, and hospitality venues, and any setting with unique requirements for special designs to optimise facility operations.

According to Susan Lawrence, USG Boral category manager - ceilings, there has been a lot of interest in the USG Boral metal baffle ceilings range for retail projects. These metal ceilings can incorporate acoustical material to help reduce reverberant noise within a shopping centre, and also offer architects and interior designers the flexibility to create an impressive design feature.

She explains that the USG Boral baffle metal ceilings range can be coated in a variety of ways to reflect design intentions and create the desired atmosphere. For example, they can replicate the timber look to add warmth, without the cost or potential issues such as warping and discolouration associated with the use of real timber. While real timber is desirable in areas of a building where it can be touched, the look of timber on ceilings can also be achieved with highly realistic metal coatings.

Lawrence adds that metal baffle ceilings can effectively disguise necessary services such as lighting, CCTV and sprinkler systems, and remain open and visually appealing, while still meeting safety requirements without breaking the visual line.

USG Boral metal ceilings system portfolio in Australia

USG Boral baffle metal ceilings system: A completely customisable system that can be installed on either vertical or curved surfaces, this system is available in three profiles – Streamline, Slim and Simplicity – to meet diverse application requirements.

USG Boral Highlands acoustical panels ceiling system: A lay-in or lay-on panel ceiling series available with multiple perforation patterns and panel height options to achieve varying levels of acoustical performance for optimal comfort and aesthetics.

USG Boral Geometrix 3-dimensional metal ceiling panels: A system with unique design capabilities, the system is easy to install, and provides full ceiling accessibility, while multiple panel profiles allow design flexibility.