USG Boral delivered unique customisable ceiling solutions for the multi-million-dollar expansion of Adelaide’s SkyCity Entertainment precinct.

New ceilings were required as part of the $330 million expansion of Adelaide’s SkyCity Entertainment precinct including the hotel, Eos by SkyCity. These ceilings needed to deliver high acoustic performance and provide a colour palette and aesthetic appeal that met the specific requirements of the design brief.

The priority for the redevelopment was to install new ceilings in areas with common acoustic issues such as loud noises. These issues were prominent in areas with high ceilings creating ‘echo spaces’, and marble floors that could reflect sound, which included the premium gaming rooms in the casino’s upper levels, cooking and dining areas, lobbies, above escalators and other open plan spaces throughout the casino.

USG Boral worked closely with the architects and interior design teams responsible for different areas of the redevelopment: Buchan Group led the casino interiors, Walter Brooke in collaboration with Hecker Guthrie led the interiors for Eos by SkyCity, and Walter Brooke in collaboration with Genesin Studio led the restaurant design for iTL.

One of the key considerations for the architects was to blend high acoustic performance with a clean, monolithic appearance. In close consultation with the architects, USG Boral provided a range of ceiling solutions that would meet these and other design challenges.

Walter Brooke and Hecker Guthrie chose USG Boral’s Ensemble monolithic acoustical ceiling for the casino’s foyer and custom metal baffles for event spaces. Walter Brooke and Genesin Studio also selected Ensemble in a custom terracotta tint to feature in the restaurant area.

Buchan Group selected USG Boral’s Skyrock acoustical ceiling panels for the main entrance and gaming areas, Ensemble monolithic acoustical ceiling throughout the public spaces and Highlands metal hook-on and clip-in ceiling suspension system for the premium gaming spaces. Highlands included large 1200 x 1200mm metal panels with acoustic backing, featuring a custom perforation in a ‘frangipani’ style design.

TRACKLOK Ltd created a GRIDLOK seismic bracing solution for the metal ceiling systems allowing them to be installed quickly and efficiently, and meet the requirements of the Australian Earthquake Standard AS/NZS 1170 and AS/NZS 4219.

Seamless product performance

Featuring a non-directional, monolithic appearance with fine texture, USG Boral’s Ensemble ceiling panels provide an acoustic performance of NRC 0.8, CAC 50.

“Through a restrained and mindful approach to materiality, form and detail, the design of Eos by SkyCity celebrates refined and considered elegance,” Walter Brooke director Mark Berlangieri said, noting that the USG Boral Ensemble system perfectly complemented this approach.

“The system offered optimal acoustic performance whilst presenting a homogeneous ceiling finish. The perfect backdrop to the timeless aesthetic represented through a warm palette of metallics and marble.”

Ensemble offered the development a clean, uninterrupted ceiling with a look similar to plasterboard without grids or perforations, and also delivered the high-performance acoustics of traditional lay-in ceiling panels. The result was a simple, elegant ceiling that successfully enhanced frequency absorption and reduced echo and other unwelcome acoustic issues. It was also easy to install as an acoustically transparent spray-applied finish that minimised the inconvenience of installation in challenging spaces such as over escalators and in high ceiling areas.

Genesin Studio director Ryan Genesin said colour was a key consideration for the iTL project, which was met through USG Boral’s fully customisable colour palette.

“The brief for the restaurant was a post-war Italy aesthetic, with a few extra materials incorporated into the design to reflect this, rather than the entire space being of contemporary nature.

“Having custom colours was a priority for this project – other projects can sometimes get away with only needing a general set of colours; however, this needed a more detailed customisation to reflect its bespoke nature.

“When you try and bring colour to a space, it is sometimes challenging to meet a specific brief. For us, USG Boral’s product was great because, thanks to the ability to customise, we knew we would be able to land on the exact colour we needed.”

Unique customer service

USG Boral provided beginning-to-end support and consultation to ensure the architect’s vision could become reality. USG Boral supplied customised, full-size prototypes of the hook-on tiles. To provide custom ceiling prototypes is not a widely available service, helping to make USG Boral’s approach to client support a uniquely satisfying customer experience. The architects were able to see a practical display of the product to determine its suitability for their design vision.

The Ensemble ceiling was made available in customised Pantone colours – another unique service that demonstrates USG Boral’s awareness of client requirements when making significant material investments. Not limited to a standard range of colours, USG Boral can customise the Ensemble product with the full Pantone colour palette, ensuring the ceiling can be matched to the colour scheme of unique architectural designs.

The SkyCity Adelaide expansion was ultimately able to install fit-for-purpose ceilings that complement the overall design. USG Boral offered more than a simple standard range. By working closely with the architects and interior designers during the design phase right through to installation, the team at USG Boral was able to understand the vision, and recommend the most suitable products and system solutions with custom colours and designs to ensure that vision could become a practical reality.

“We worked with USG Boral [and] they were very informative and collaborative. They worked closely with the rest of the team to ensure the best product solution was selected and produced within the desired timeframe,” Genesin said.

The architectural team from Buchan Group were similarly impressed with USG Boral’s product and performance.

“USG Boral’s proprietary and custom ceiling products provided great solutions for our design objectives. We had very specific acoustic requirements for the gaming floors and public lobby areas. Being a casino, there of course was a certain aesthetic we needed to achieve as well. We also needed to consider adaptability of the ceiling products, to allow for the periodic changes to gaming floor layouts.

“USG Boral were able to work with us to meeting the design specifics, presenting options for us to consider. The overall outcome looks amazing.”

Images: Credit Sam Noonan