USG Boral has introduced its latest plasterboard innovation to the Australian market.

The new USG Boral Sheetrock brand plasterboard is lighter and easier to install, and will redefine the plasterboard marketplace by creating a more productive way to approach wall and ceiling board installation without compromising on time or quality, according to Frederic de Rougemont, CEO of USG Boral Building Products.

Featuring USG Boral’s patented technology and innovative chemistry, the new USG Boral Sheetrock brand plasterboard is 15 percent lighter than USG Boral standard plasterboard, turning installation into a more time efficient process. The lighter board delivers several benefits down the supply chain with distributors finding the plasterboard easier to lift and carry with less fatigue. 

The lighter product also means less wear and tear on equipment, whilst more lightweight boards can be loaded on delivery trucks, resulting in potential fuel and freight savings.

Featuring a consistent core that’s easier to score and snap, installers can reduce waste at the site, leading to potential material cost savings for the client.

The Sag-Defying-Strength feature in the USG Boral Sheetrock brand plasterboard makes it ideal for ceilings as the board is fundamentally reengineered for improved sag resistance and improved strength-to-weight ratio. Sag-Defying Strength also helps reduce the chance of damage during handling and installation.

USG Boral is the joint venture initiative of USG Corporation and Boral Limited, with the collaboration aiming to modernise the building industry and close the gap across some of the fastest growing construction markets in the world.