BIMWIZARD, USG Boral’s innovative BIM add-in for selecting and designing wall and ceiling solutions has undergone major enhancements.

Launched in 2016, BIMWIZARD has undergone considerable enhancement with new functionalities added from time to time to make life easier for the architectural design and building community.

BIMWIZARD, initially released for Autodesk Revit, now has a version compatible with Graphisoft ArchiCAD. The current version of BIMWIZARD lets users interchange files between Revit and ArchiCAD, allowing them to share files with other professionals and co-workers using different BIM platforms; use them on different platforms at home and at the office; and access files in ArchiCAD’s standalone desktop application.

USG Boral’s senior engineering support officer Greg Suther explains key enhancements in BIMWIZARD.

Own your organisation

In response to requests, BIMWIZARD now allows users to customise the naming of files. You can now specify your preferred formats – including prefix, suffix and dynamic fields such as fire rating – and then import and export these naming conventions across different projects.

Another important improvement to the organisation of files within BIMWIZARD is the creation of a new ‘save point’. In the past, you needed to search for previous files from scratch using a system search. Now you can save every system you create within a project, and have it available to use in future projects.

This functionality simplifies collaboration with other professionals and project partners, because you can export and archive ‘proven’ systems for specific requirements, and then share them down the track. For example, when you design a multi-party wall with particular factors of choice (fire and acoustic ratings, stud arrangements and so on), you can now save this system for the project in one location, and then use it as a template for a different project.

File naming convention

Smarter search

BIMWIZARD has a new time-saving feature, which allows the addition of segment-based filters to enable users to search for wall and ceiling systems by building class. When you enter Class 6 (for retail) or Class 9 (for large public buildings), BIMWIZARD will provide you with a list of suggestions.

You might be looking for lining options for intertenancy walls in an apartment block, corridors in a school or a fire exit in a multiplex cinema. Each of the systems suitable for use in the specific class of building will be listed for selection, and rated according to the most economical versus the highest performance.

Narrowing down the search for compliant systems by building type saves time by eliminating irrelevant information. It also makes it safer for you to delegate tasks to your staff, as BIMWIZARD can ensure they are working within the right parameters for each project.

Other new search filters also stand to save you time when looking for specific USG Boral systems and products; these will be especially useful when USG Boral creates a customised SAVE (Specification and Value Engineering) Architectural Specification for your project. You can now search by our wall and ceiling system numbers, and even search for solutions by specific lining products. For example, you can specify ‘Firestop only’, or any products from our range ‘excluding FIBEROCK’, and BIMWIZARD will then display relevant systems.

Building class

Closer collaboration

Since BIMWIZARD is now available for both Revit and ArchiCAD, it’s easier to collaborate with people or firms using different platforms. Other features that support collaboration include the ability to create a folder tree as well as file naming conventions – the files can then be imported or exported to share with contractors, new employees or project partners.

This ability to share can also help increase your compliance – with client requirements, your own in-house processes and standards, and even legislative or industry requirements for record holding and data retrieval.

Lastly, there’s a new tool in BIMWIZARD that allows users to collaborate with USG Boral and give feedback for continuous innovation and improvement.

You can register to use BIMWIZARD and USG Boral’s other online design tools at no cost via our website.