Ensemble, a revolutionary seamless ceiling system from USG Boral was installed for the first time in Australia in the National Trust-listed office building, Chancery House in Perth. Ensemble was developed by combining the technological expertise of USG and the manufacturing capabilities of Boral, as a solution to a very real problem in the Australian building design market. A complete system for new, retrofit and customised installations, Ensemble meets the sound-scaping needs of architects and interior designers who seek a non-directional, smooth ceiling effect with no visible joints or perforations, while still providing positive acoustic outcomes in open spaces.

Ensemble, the first multi-component monolithic acoustical ceiling system available for Australian projects, delivers a seamless look with outstanding acoustical performance for specialised interior installations. A uniquely integrated system of mineral property ceiling panels, Ensemble achieves what normal plasterboard cannot aesthetically deliver.

According to Susan Lawrence, USG Boral Category Manager, Ceilings, the new Ensemble monolithic acoustical ceiling system demonstrates the strength and value of the USG Boral joint venture. The Chancery House installation involved a refurbishment of the heritage atrium of the building, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Roger Gregson of Oldfield Knott Architects, the firm behind the Chancery House refurbishment, explained that they wanted a smooth plasterboard appearance given the building’s heritage listing, but acoustic absorption typically involved perforations. Once USG Boral showed them the possibilities of the Ensemble system, the architects realised the entire surface had the necessary acoustic properties. A finished product would be then applied over everything to make it uniform and achieve a monolithic look.

Fast and cost-effective to install, Ensemble is rated at up to 0.80 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and 50 Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC).

USG Boral SHEETROCK Ensemble panels are perforated to absorb sound and the porous acoustical veils are laminated to the front and back of the panels. Additional sound insulation material can be installed on the back of the panel to enhance acoustic performance.

Ensemble panels are screw-attached to a modified plasterboard suspension system such as Rondo KEY-LOCK or Drywall Grid. After the panel installation, the system is completed with USG Boral Ensemble Spray-Applied Finish, creating a monolithic appearance with tiny irregular perforations that allow sound to pass through.

Ensemble is ideal for high-end ceiling applications where acoustic performance is critical and hard surfaces dominate, such as museums, libraries, schools, sporting facilities, corporate office foyers, hotel lobbies and conference centres.

The Ensemble acoustic ceiling system can be installed easily and is finished with a quick drying spray application, assisting with budget and project efficiencies. USG Boral provides specialised training for surface preparation, spraying and finishing for installers, as part of a full accreditation program.