Since its Australian launch in late 2017, USG Boral’s innovative Ensemble™ Ceiling System has become a highly regarded option for matching high-performance acoustics with a monolithic look. Now, in exciting news for architects and interior designers, Ensemble is available in any colour from the PANTONE® PMS range.

The innovative system was already an outstanding addition to the Australian marketplace – offering a cost-effective solution for ceilings providing the acoustics of lay-in panels in potentially noisy spaces such as atria, foyers, reception rooms, galleries and museums – but with the smooth appearance clients prefer.

The system consists of three principal elements, each engineered to maximise NRC and CAC performance. USG Boral SHEETROCK® Ensemble panels are uniformly perforated and include porous acoustic veils on each side. They are screw-attached to a ceiling suspension system then completed with USG Boral Ensemble Spray-Applied Finish – now in any PANTONE PMS colour. You can also add insulation such as glasswool over the grid for maximum sound absorption in the most demanding environments.

With an almost unlimited choice of colours, designers now have the ability to create a unique ambiance in either large public spaces or small intimate rooms – harmonising ceiling designs with other elements while retaining high-performance acoustical qualities.

Ensemble makes the prized monolithic look affordable because of significant time savings in its installation. All up, 10m² of ceiling can be installed in just a day, compared to 3-6 days for a comparable effect. It involves just six steps, compared to 10-14 steps for other monolithic acoustic systems. Ensemble is also ideal for commercial renovation projects which must be accomplished fast, as drying time between finishing coats is just 10-20 minutes instead for 4-24 hours. 

In recognition of its innovative qualities, the Ensemble monolithic acoustical ceiling system was recently recognised with a 2019 Australian Good Design Award on the basis of client testimonials that “prove this product to be highly innovative in its application. The benefit of removing the need for added acoustic products is a huge advantage… it demonstrates the problem-solving capacity of design beyond the traditional design disciplines.”

Now available in any PANTONE colour, it becomes the choice for an even wider range of commercial and public projects where visual appeal and high-performance acoustics are both must haves.

For more information about Ensemble including videos, design guides and technical specifications, visit the USG Boral website or call 1800 003 377.