Committed to delivering fully compliant ways to effectively treat, pump and separate wastewater, Kingspan offers the Australian market one of the largest and most technologically advanced wastewater ranges available.

Tested and suitable for applications of up to 300 population equivalent in a single tank and up to 1000 population equivalent in modular form, the BioDisc® BD-BN range is suitable for a variety of applications, including hospitality, leisure, government, transport and housing developments.

The BioDisc® commercial range is continually gaining accreditations in more and more markets worldwide and has been successfully supplied for projects around the world, including Australia, the Middle East and countless installations across Europe and Scandinavia.

Port Buildings, Broome, WA

Contracted to supply and install a BioDisc® BL sewage treatment plant for Port Buildings, the challenge here was to connect the new Kingspan BioDisc® BL commercial sewage treatment plant to an existing ABCO vacuum sewerage system that connected all the individual buildings within the development.

To do this, effluent is transported to a below ground 19,000 litre tank and then pumped to the Kingspan BL RBC sewage treatment plant. The treated effluent from the RBC is then discharged by gravity to another below ground 7,000 litre tank. The whole process was carefully managed by the technical team from Kingspan and the ABCO installers, ensuring consistent and well managed flow rates.

Treated effluent from the 7,000 litre tank is then further treated using an Ultra Filter plant, ensuring only high-quality effluent is disposed of by a series of sprinklers onto public landscaped areas within the Port boundaries. An additional telemetry system was also installed to constantly monitor treated water quality and ensure strict environmental regulations are met.

Yarra Pilbara Fertilisers, Karratha, WA

Together with ABCO Water Systems, Kingspan manufactured and supplied a BioDisc® BL commercial sewage treatment plant to replace a failing sewage treatment system in a processing plant. Due to fluctuating seasonal demand, the key to this installation was to ensure the flow rate was controlled.

A Kingspan BL BioDisc® sewage treatment plant was installed to work in conjunction with existing pumping stations. Flow rate is controlled using a gravity return line, ensuring the primary settlement tank of the BioDisc remains at a constant level while inflow is available. Treated effluent is then discharged, by gravity, into a pumping station, where it is pumped to an evaporation pond.

This fully compliant solution installed in conjunction with the existing pump station infrastructure meant a huge cost saving in initial investment and ensures continued optimum performance and sustained cost savings.

Kingspan BioDisc® features and benefits:

  • Unique Rotating Biological Contactor Technology with patented managed flow design ensures optimum treatment efficiency at all times
  • Noise-free and odourless operation
  • Fully removable lid for easy maintenance and de-sludging
  • Minimal service and maintenance required
  • Advanced control panel options available with telemetry monitoring
  • Single piece tank design reducing time on site for system installation
  • ‘Plug and play’ system with all system functions pre-set from the factory
  • Lowest operational and maintenance costs in its class

Kingspan offers a range of expert, trusted and reliable wastewater management solutions throughout Australia. The range of fully compliant wastewater management solutions includes sewage treatment plants, fuel and oil separators, grease separators, pumping stations and rainwater harvesting systems.

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