Kingspan Water & Energy was engaged by a leading commercial farm to upgrade their existing concrete water treatment tanks.

For the new water treatment tanks, the commercial farm sought special features such as an agitator to keep the water moving, a larger 150mm centre scour drain for quarterly cleaning, and dual HDG external and internal ladders with lockable access hatches for servicing the equipment. Since the system was operational round-the-clock, the tanks would also need to be online at all times.

Following a site visit and inspection of the farm’s existing tanks, Kingspan Tankworks’ water treatment consultants recommended a custom design tank with specialist liner, modified fittings and a staged installation. A water analysis was organised to identify a compatible liner for the tank. After discussing the method of water cycling, the Kingspan team quickly identified that the liner would need to handle the constant movement of water from the agitator pump. This was facilitated with Kingspan’s specialist anti-vortex and inlet diffuser.

Kingspan Tankworks also designed a unique poly 150mm scour drain and pipe to be installed in the centre of the concrete floor with a 150mm drain pipe to exit under the tank at the outer perimeter of the tank wall. Since the agitator pump was installed on a custom built supporting pole connected to the roof truss, a separate access was provided to service the pump and water treatment monitoring equipment. Two heavy duty HDG internal and external ladders with lockable access hatches were installed for this purpose.

Testimonial from the client, Oceanic Bio:

“The tank has been up and running very successfully. I’ve been very happy with the service that was provided by Kingspan Tankworks Commercial. The specialist service and project management of the total tank solution was seamless and effective.”