Material selection is a critical part of the construction process because the products you choose will determine the performance of the building going forward. It’s reassuring when you can trust your selection to live up to its promised performance.

Kingspan Insulation offers a Project Specific Warranty that gives you the confidence and assurance you seek. The warranty is tailored to each individual project and is supported by a full technical and customer service experience throughout the entire design and build process.

Kingspan Insulation’s full warranty assurance is an important part of its Peace of Mind commitment that aims to deliver the full spectrum of world class service and technical support to its customers and specifiers. This simple process can save you a world of trouble down the road.

Once you register your project by filling the simple online form, Kingspan Insulation will promptly have one of their expert Specification Managers contact you to discuss your project and warranty, and the technical support they can provide – all specific to your project. This will cover R-Value calculations, Thermal Performance Calculations (TPCs), Condensation Risk Analysis (CRA) and more in addition to support and advice from the Kingspan Insulation team throughout the process.

Once the building is completed and the insulation installed, a full site inspection is carried out by a Kingspan Insulation team member to ensure your product has been installed according to code. When the site inspector approves your project, you will be rewarded with a Project Specific Warranty that will cover you and your insulation for years to come, helping mitigate some of your own risk.

“Site inspections are an important step in the warranty process. It allows us to see how the product has been installed and make sure it has been used in a way where the performance we promise is delivered,” comments Kingspan Insulation sales director Craig Burr.

“By specifying the Project Specific Warranty and registering it at an early stage, you are giving yourself time to take full advantage of the services we offer. It’s the perfect way to ensure your insulation performs precisely in the way you designed,” adds Burr.

Kingspan Insulation is the first insulation company to offer a warranty specific to your project.