Leading insulated ducting innovators, Kingspan Insulation has released BIM models for its KoolDuct range of high performance ducting products.

Produced in Revit format to the widely-used BIM-MEPAUS (BMA) standard developed by the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association, Kingspan’s KoolDuct BIM models will create efficiencies in project delivery.

Kingspan Air Delivery Systems Business Development Manager, Mr Ross Baynham explains that projects using these models can be carried through from design to fabrication almost seamlessly because the duct fabrication machines are able to read directly from the BIM files, saving an enormous amount of time while also minimising errors and deviations from the original system design.

By engaging multiple disciplines associated with a construction project from engineers, consultants and architects, right through to fabricators, contractors and building product suppliers, projects employing Building Information Modelling systems and workflows have been demonstrated worldwide to benefit from efficiencies in both time and cost of complete project delivery.

Mr Baynham adds that the KoolDuct system helps achieve regulation compliance in less space than conventional sheet metal ductwork insulated with glasswool blanket. As a high-performance rigid thermoset insulation, the KoolDuct system can achieve the required R2.0 in only 42 millimetres - almost half the thickness of conventional glasswool insulated systems, saving a lot of precious ceiling space. These space savings will be evident when ducted systems are designed using BIM practices.

According to Kingspan Air, the KoolDuct system can also reduce air leakage by up to 80% compared to conventional sheet metal systems. According to the company’s Marketing Manager, Mr Karim Muri, the system delivers efficiencies at multiple levels: Energy efficiency is improved with reduced air leakage, installation times are reduced with a lightweight product, and the BIM models extend the efficiencies to design, fabrication and project delivery.