Building insulation specialist, Kingspan Insulation has released a series of instructional guidance documents to ensure that its products are accurately detailed in the thermal modelling software accredited by the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).  

The NatHERS instructional guides from Kingspan Insulation are designed to assist building energy assessors in ensuring that the performance of the Kingspan products specified by them will be properly reflected in the modelling software, according to Kingspan Insulation Technical Manager, Mr. Keith Anderson, a professionally accredited building energy assessor himself.  

He adds that the guidance documents will give energy assessors more certainty, given the multiple variables that go into a house energy rating.

Mr. Anderson also comments that the new minimum 6-Star ratings are driving the industry to find new solutions that are climate-appropriate.

He explains that conventional insulation products on their own are no longer sufficient or appropriate in several applications, forcing energy rating professionals to seek new solutions incorporating Kingspan insulation systems. The new instructional guides function as tools to help the industry use Kingspan insulations with confidence.

Guidance documents are available for the following software packages:

  • AccuRate v1.1.4.1
  • BERS Pro v4.2 110811
  • FirstRate5 v5.1.7