Leading Australian insulation specialist, Kingspan Insulation has launched its product listing on leading industry specification tool, NATSPEC.

According to Kingspan Insulation Marketing Manager, Mr Karim Muri, NATSPEC makes specification writing and documentation much easier for the design industry as the specification process ensures a range of product characteristics are captured in the documentation.

He explains that NATSPEC’s specification engines, SPECbuilder Pro and SPECbuilder Live enable design professionals to compile detailed specifications quickly with the confidence that their designs will get built as specified.

The product listing on NATSPEC will enable thousands of users to easily specify Kingspan Insulation’s innovative AIR-CELL and Kooltherm insulation solutions.

With insulation required to meet not only thermal performance requirements but also fire safety regulations, combined with the flux of uncertified insulation products in the market, detailed specifications help to ensure all product requirements are communicated to the builders and contractors.

Detailed specifications of the insulation materials may include specific thickness of the product, type of insulation material, and third-party CodeMark product certification.

With around 4,000 subscribers NATSPEC is widely used by both private design firms and government bodies.