An HIA award-winning home used AIR-CELL insulation from Kingspan Insulation to improve the energy-efficiency of the building.

One of the winners of the Housing Industry Association’s 2008 WA South West Housing Awards was a home that used Kingspan AIR-CELL insulation to significantly enhance the energy-efficiency of the building.

Built by WA Country Builders, The Forest View won the 2008 HIA South West Award for Framed Housing up to $200,000.

According to WA Country Builders Building Manager, Mr Peter Newby, Kingspan AIR-CELL Permishield wall insulations and Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulbreak underfloor insulation were used in the home.

Built on poles to minimise its footprint and impact on the surrounding environment, the home required superior insulation for the framed floor as a lot of heat can be lost through suspended floors. Kingspan AIR-CELL insulation was found to be the ideal solution for the home’s unique design.

Kingspan Insulation WA State Manager, Mr Craig Burr is delighted with Kingspan AIR-CELL’s involvement in the award-winning project.