Thermo-reflective brand Air-Cell and building services company, Rondo Clips, are creating a stir with their innovative approach to insulation.

This innovation is being utilised on site at The Peninsula, Mirvac Fini’s new residential project currently under construction near the Burswood complex, 4 kilometres from the Perth CBD.

The Peninsula, Mirvac Fini’s leading-edge community, will set a new benchmark for residential projects in Western Australia. Mirvac Fini is designing and constructing every component of this master-planned community, ensuring architectural diversity and ultimately providing a safe and vibrant home to around 3000 residents, while taking care of essential environmental and lifestyle considerations.

After extensive research, it was found that Air-Cell’s insulation product was able to achieve the high level of thermal performance required, and still fit into the cavity space available in the walls of the building.

Air-Cell has been designed to replace two conventional products with one, replacing sarking and insulation batts with a single application, while remaining slim and effective against the elements. The ultra thin profile of Air-Cell insulation means that it can fit into the wall space of The Peninsula buildings while still providing insulation against the transfer of heat and cold.

Utilising the insulation will also minimise the effect of the project on the environment. By decreasing the need for heating and cooling of the apartment, there is a reduction in energy usage. This minimises greenhouse gas emissions and has less impact on the environment, delivering greater levels of environmental sustainability.

Additionally, with the reduction in energy usage there is also a reduction in associated costs in heating and cooling, providing a savings for residents on annual heating and air conditioning expenses.

Rondo sound isolation mounts have then been used to install the insulation. The clips are designed to assist in the reduction of sound transmission between walls and ceilings and are an especially appropriate and cost-effective solution to reducing noise transmission between apartments in multiple occupancy buildings.

A significant benefit of using the Rondo clips is their ease and efficiency of use as an installation method for the application of Air-Cell, a methodology developed through a collaborative approach on the behalf of both suppliers.

Allegro, the first of the two apartment buildings to be built at The Peninsula is due for completion mid-2006 and has already sold out.