Australian Living is leading the way forward with sustainable living by implementing smart insulation solutions, such as Kingspan Insulation ’s Kooltherm K10 FM soffit insulation boards, to assist in achieving 8-Star homes (equivalent for thermal comfort) as part of the Australian Living Eco-Challenge in Rose Bay.

Owner of Australian Living, Mr Cameron Rosen, explains; “From the outset, insulation was to play a key role in assisting us to design our 8-Star home (for thermal comfort). Working closely with a thermal comfort assessor, we determined what insulation strength we required to achieve our sustainable goal. We decided to insulate under the concrete slab, internal and external walls, under the first floor slab and the roof.”

Australian Living selected the Kooltherm K10 FM soffit insulation boards because it meets the required R (resistance) Value, and is also “health aware, environmentally friendly and produced by a company who lives and breathes sustainability.”

The soffit boards were installed internally and externally to various wall configurations (concrete and timber frame) to significantly improve the thermal efficiency of the homes, helping one of the homes achieve its 8-star equivalent thermal comfort rating.

“Kingspan Insulation is very pleased to be associated with Australian Living. They are innovators in the home building industry and it’s great to see a company thinking outside the box and developing true energy efficient homes,” says Mr. Steve Huxham, Business Development Manager for Kingspan Insulation.