Kingspan Insulation can provide two in one insulation and moisture management systems. Air-Cell Permifloor flooring insulation is specially designed to suit suspended framed floor applications and is manufactured from a patented closed-cell foam structure.

The insulation is fibre-free, water permeable and thermo-reflective, and has a highly reflective foil surface which encases the physically cross-linked foam structure. This foil layer features tiny perforations which allow water and vapour to permeate through and prevent moisture collection.

Permifloor flooring insulation is ideal for:

  • Timber and steel framed sub floors
  • Insulation blanket applications

Air-Cell Permifloor flooring insulation is 4 millimetres thick, has a foil emittance  of 0.03 and a foil reflectivity of 97%. The rolls are available in 1350 by 33.33 metres sizes.