Designed by architect Designology, the Convertible House is an environmentally sustainable feat of modern design that showcases durability, cost effectiveness, storm and fire resistance, security and energy self sufficiency.

Intrinsic to the success of this home’s sustainability is its Kingspan Insulation 's Air-Cell Insulbreak 65 environmentally friendly insulation. Kevin Starling of Designology said insulation played a vital role in the overall design of the home.

“Insulation is very important in helping the Convertible House achieve its 6-star energy rating. Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulbreak 65 environmentally friendly insulation provides a thermal break and also acts as a reflector foil to keep the sun out in the hotter months.”

“Being completely off the grid (produces its own energy and heating; harvesting rain water and treating grey and black water on site), the house had to be heavily insulated. In effect it has a ‘dual skin’. Under the roof and wall cladding is a thin insulation layer which not only provides a thermal break but also reduces noise,” Starling adds.

The Convertible House won the following awards at the Building Designers Association of Victoria 2010 Building Design Awards:

  • Best Environmentally Sustainable Design – Residential
  • Best Energy Efficient Design – Residential
  • Most Innovative Use of Water Efficiency
  • Most Innovative Use of Steel

The house also received an award for ‘Creative Innovations Steel Design’ at the Australian Steel Industry 2010 Victorian & Tasmanian Awards.