Air-Cell Insulation , manufacturers of thermo-reflective insulation, have won the Product Innovation Award for their Permishield range at the 2008 Housing Industry Association Western Australian Housing Awards.

The award was assessed on a number of important criteria including environmental impact, overcoming significant functional problems, ease of installation and degree of originality.

According to Karim Muri, Air-Cell Insulation Marketing Manager, Permishield is three products wrapped into one.

Permishield is an insulation material, a vapour-permeable sarking, and a thermal break. It has been designed specifically for steel-framed wall applications behind lightweight cladding materials that usually require installation with a breathable membrane.

Air-Cell Insulation Technical Manager, Keith Anderson, says Permishield’s multi-purpose function provides a suitable solution to the building industry and can help save time on building sites.

Conventional building methodology for many lightweight wall cladding materials requires a perforated sarking product as well as bulk insulation to be installed into the walls. And if it is a steel-framed wall, then a thermal break product is also required to reduce heat conduction through the frame.

Permishield is an innovative product, which can achieve all this in one go, saving significant time in the construction process. Permishield is non-allergenic, does not use water in its manufacturing process and does not contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde or any other volatile organic compounds (VOC).