Kingspan Insulation now stock Air-Cell Insulaire foil insulation which is manufactured from a unique white-faced polyethylene under surface. The upper layer is made from an aluminium foil surface which is oxidation resistant and anti-corrosive. In between is a polyethylene cell structure which is fire retardant.

Insulaire can be used in ceilings, walls, floors and roofs, sports centres, retail warehouses, show rooms and indoor pool centres. The foil insulation is ideal as a replacement for insulation blankets and vapour barriers, and is versatile enough to be used in both commercial and residential buildings.

Air-Cell Insulaire foil insulation  is free from toxic and reactive adhesives, and will not degrade over time. The insulation is 6 millimetres thick, has a foil reflectivity of 97% and comes in rolls of 1350 by 22.25 metres.