Kingspan Insulated Panels has introduced a new range of rainscreen façades designed for quick installation. Part of a range of fast build, architectural, high performance building envelope solutions from Kingspan, BENCHMARK Dri-Design is a high quality metallic rainscreen façade system that comes in a choice of four cassette designs and is manufactured using world leading automated machinery. Combined with the various cassette types and geometries, coupled with different material types and ancillary components, the Dri-Design façade system allows a wide scope of design possibilities.

The four cassette designs, Flat, Tapered, Shadow and Perforated, enable architects to complete projects at speed without compromising on design versatility, building performance or high aesthetics.

Key features of Kingspan’s Dri-Design façade system include robust cassettes in highly durable PPC, or anodised aluminium, stainless steel, weathered steel, zinc or copper; choice of shapes and sizes; suitable for direct fix or ventilated cavity construction methods; and clean, easy-to-maintain finish achieved without the use of sealants, gaskets or butyl tape in the cassette joints.

Dri-Design Flat cassettes deliver sleek, streamlined finishes without the need to modify the substrate or weather barrier.

Dri-Design’s Tapered cassette is a patented design that installs much faster than most similar systems, while also simplifying maintenance with no seals or gaskets in the design. The Tapered range allows cassettes to be angled in any direction with varying depths and degree of slope, allowing each cassette to be designed independently, and providing an unlimited capacity to create a dynamic, one-of-a-kind surface on nearly any facade.

Dri-Design Shadow cassettes add depth and definition to any architectural design. Individual panels can be extended at varying depths to create texture or a dynamic variation in patterns, while keeping the substrate and weather barrier in the same plane.

Aluminium Dri-Design Flat, Tapered and Shadow cassettes can be perforated to create complex images. This is achieved by varying the size, location and density of the perforations to create areas of light, dark and shade in between to form an image. Perforated cassettes are ideal for projects that require airflow or shade, with endless design possibilities enabled through the use of digital imaging technology.