How do you get large sheets of gyproc or bulky lounges up to a unit?

The solution is to lift everything up to a balcony or window on the outside of the building.

Many buildings have poor lift and stair access for bulky items. There are also narrow corridors that prevent items from fitting through the front door of many units.

As a result, many people buying furniture have had to compromise and buy smaller pieces than they would otherwise have wished. And this at a time when the trend is for large furniture, especially long lounges

Sheets of plasterboard can also be a problem. Often, when bringing these up stair wells or in lifts, they have to be cut down to size, which means more joins later.

It also tends to be messy, with white powder ending up in the common areas, and the corners of the sheets often get damaged.

King Hoists provides a solution: using a truck-mounted ladder hoist, the items are lifted on the outside of the building on a platform that travels up and down an aluminium ladder that rests on the balcony rail or on a wall.

As the load is not slung, there is no damage to the furniture or sheets. There is also no risk of damaging internal corridors and lifts. Larger sheets can be used and it reduces the labouring part of the job (getting all the materials and equipment up to the unit) to a couple of hours.

Other items that can be hoisted include: cabinets, rolls of roofing felt, bags of cement, corrugated roof sheets, roof tiles, doors, partitions, archive boxes, etc. Items such as air conditioning units, solar panels and hot water tanks can also be lifted to a roof.

King Hoists is fully insured and works for all the major removal companies in Sydney, furniture showrooms, builders and the general public. An operator is provided but the client must supply his/her own labour for lifting items onto and off the hoist.

King Hoists operates a lifting service in the Sydney metropolitan area. The small truck can fit in tight spaces and the hoist can reach 11 storeys (33m).

It has a 300kg lifting capacity and is ideal where loads would normally be man-handled. In addition to its obvious advantages lifting bulky items, it is good for lifting multiple loads fast. This makes it ideal for whole furniture removals, where it reduces the time taken moving by more than half.