Kimberly-Clark Professional  supplies a range of tissue products including towels and wipes. The tissue products are manufactured based on international environmental standards. The complete range of tissue products includes Facial tissue, toilet tissue, hand towel, skin care tissues, air care tissue, single use tissue, extended use tissue, re-usable tissue and speciality tissue.

Facial tissues are supplied by Kimberly-Clark Professional under the brand name ‘Kleenex’. Facial tissues come in pocket packs, little traveller packs and a variety of box packs. The box packs come with a finger tab for easy opening and lint guard for protecting the tissues. ‘Kleenex’ facial tissues provide moisture protection as it is enclosed in a varnished box. The tissue pack includes a starter sheet to reduce wastage and ten signal sheets which are indicated by their blue colour.

The toilet tissues are available as single sheet, small roll and jumbo roll. The hand towels supplied by Kimberly-Clark Professional are of high quality. Both toilet tissues and hand towels are offered under the brand name Kleenex and Scott. Wipers are offered by Kimberly-Clark Professional under the brand name ‘Wypall’ and the washing product is supplied under the brand name ‘Kimcare’.