Kimberley’s has a new range of metal access panels available. Constructed in galvanized steel and painted white, they can be repainted if desired. All panels have a continuous one-piece frame with a softened profile and four riveted swivel anchors to ensure safe mounting. All door panels are demountable for easy access.

The metal access panels are designed for both ceiling and wall applications for access to electrical wiring, plumbing, pumps, roof space, etc in both commercial and residential applications.

Sheet steel thickness:

· Panel less than 400x400mm= 0.75mm

· Panel greater than 400x400mm= 1 mm

Metal access panel with snap lock

This offers the benefit of a completely smooth door panel. The spring loaded locks open when pressure is applied to the door panel causing the door to swing open and latches engage when pressure is reapplied to close the panel.