Kimberley Products  have announced a new range of attic ladders.

Kimberley’s new Attic Ladder, available to their customers, is designed to fit into 700mm wide ceiling joists. The new attic ladders are available to the domestic market in timber, or a commercially graded version made in Australia from aluminium.

The new Kimberley Big Boy series of attic ladders includes:

  • The KASW20WDS Timber Attic Ladder suits ceiling heights between 2130mm to 2665mm
  • The Timber KASW21WDS Attic Ladder suits ceiling heights between 2665mm to 3048mm
The width of the steps has increased to 515mm wide, and both of these models include a smooth finish MDF door that once painted, are designed to match a plaster ceiling.

Also available is the Kimberley Wide Ultimate Series Attic Ladder. This new attic ladder is an addition to the Kimberley Ultimate Series Attic Ladder, and is now available with the extra wide steps and frame that will also suit a 700mm ceiling joist centre.

There are 4 new models in this Ultimate Wide series of Attic Ladders, ranging in ceiling heights between from 2400mm to 3360mm. The Wide Ultimate Series Attic Ladders range has increased the step width to 455mm.

The range also includes:

  • A smooth finish MDF door
  • Soft close smooth Gas Struts to prevent the Attic Ladder door from slamming
  • 2 upper hand rails
  • Telescopic Attic Ladder Pole
  • Hook & eyebolt kit