Kilargo will soon release a new mobile phone app designed to simplify the selection of Intumescent Fire Dampers (IFDs) for customers.

Customers looking to protect their building during a fire event can refer to the IFD guidance provided in the app, and select from Kilargo’s extensive range of solutions, based on the specific application and use. The Kilargo IFD Selection App also works well as a mobile reference guide for installers who need instant access to installation instructions.

To be released shortly, the Kilargo IFD Selection App can be easily downloaded onto iPhone and Android devices.

Kilargo will follow this up with the launch of the IFD Aero in early 2017. Featuring the next generation blade design and the only IFD specifically developed for the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry, the IFD Aero will allow better building airflow and energy efficiency, providing complete confidence for architects, specifiers and installers.