Kilargo offers a wide range of door seals suitable for commercial environments.

Door seals are designed to perform a variety of functions; when correctly selected and installed, door seals can help building owners and occupants maximise the safety, comfort and performance of the building. For instance, doors seals not only eliminate transmission of sound but are also widely used to help contain the spread of fire and smoke. Door seals also protect against weather, and help improve the thermal performance of the building, saving energy and maintaining comfortable temperature levels.

Given the multiple functional expectations from door seals, there are several factors to consider before selecting the most appropriate door sealing solution for commercial properties.

A fire seal works by expanding under heat to fill in the gaps between the door leaf and frame, helping to prevent any smoke and fire from passing through these gaps, containing the fire and stopping it from spreading to other parts of the building. Fire door seals therefore, have an immense impact on the extent of damage to infrastructure in the event of a fire. A fire damper may also be recommended to ensure maximum safety within a multi-occupancy environment.

Noise is a major factor in many commercial settings. Sound insulation door seals can help minimise the noise emanating from day-to-day activities, while also reducing disruption to areas that need to remain quiet. Weather seals or weather strips protect a building from environmental factors such as rain, wind and storms, and are extremely beneficial in commercial sectors for their ability to create a more comfortable building environment.

Kilargo’s door seals meet specific needs and requirements for all commercial settings, and can be customised to suit particular business requirements.